Love and Fear in football

Football is like life, if you do not live in love you live in fear, and when you live in fear you live a life which is not getting you to your full potential. Football, like life, you have to live it in love; look at Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo (the brazilian), Ronaldinho, you look at them, you hear them when they speak, and you see they footbal in love, not in fear; they love every aspect of the phenomena which is football, they play it full hearted out of love for the game and for supporters. That is what made them phenomenal players, the attitude they had when playing the game, they gave it all for the love of the game and people, and football gave them everything in return.

Now, look at Messi and/or Ronaldo (CR7); what can you see? what do you see? Even from their own words, one is playing and wants to win cause he hates losing, and the other is playing and wants to win cause he wants to be number 1. Now, if you look at their motivation you understand it is not love. Their motivations stem from fear, fear of not losing and fear of been number 2. For as long these two players are not playing for the love of the game, for the love of the people, for the love of the football phenomenon we will not see the best of them and they will not fulfill themselves. Because football is like life, you either live it in love or you live it in fear and it is in our powers to chose: love or fear.


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