To vaccinate or not vaccinate


When Shakespeare through the voice of Hamlet was raising the famous question „To be, or not to be” he was raising a question of life and death. I will not take the time to build a charismatic character as Hamlet, not that I do have a bit of a talent to do it, to raise a similar life and death question: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? I do not have children so to me the time to answer this question did not come yet. But others have not been so fortunate…
I was lucky to have amazing colleagues in college, they amazed me and humbled me with their beauty or what I was perceiving and still perceive as beauty: amazing ability to solve problems, to ask the right questions, to be good in moments when it is hard to be good, to be humble in moments when it is hard to be humble. I love them people and I managed to keep in touch with a few of them; they went each on their way, becoming PhDs and building great careers, and more importantly they are now parents having beautiful families and children; not once but several times I heard them asking themselves this question: what should we do, should we vaccinate our children? And I thought to myself, if these people I admire so much and I know they are reliable and I can trust their thoughts and the way they think (even though many times we do not have the same tastes) are asking themselves this question, then there’s really something wrong with the system.

And I went on asking more questions and trying to find answers… and then I understood why they are at the point where they are… I understood why my old friends are in Hamlet’s place…

Boy there’s a war out there… a war between people that do not trust anymore the vaccines, or do not trust anymore some vaccines, or do not trust the science behind vaccines or do not trust so much science anymore or do not trust the pharma companies anymore or do not trust the states anymore and the people who do trust them.

Did I make a personal opinion? I think I did. And if you want to make one of your own here’s a few resources that might help you on the way:

How do vaccines work?

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines

The Science of Anti-Vaccination

Child Vaccinations – The Doctors Debate

How Risky Are Vaccines?

Vacciness – The truth behind vaccinations

Scientific study on 1.3 million kids and published paper

Ingrijorari despre imunizare (Romanian language, there’s an English version as well)




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